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ECMP 355 Final Reflection!!

So this is it! The final reflection… I feel like we learned so much in this class that it was really hard to make a video that fit the 7 minute time limit. My video ultimately clocks in at 9 minutes and 45 seconds (sorry!). Before editing I had over 15 minutes of footage and I had to cut out a whole 2 minutes where I talked about how awesome scratch is. Scratch was definitly my favourite blog post to write because I got to make a game. In this video I talk about zoom, blogging, seesaw and everything in between!



Contributing to the Learning of Others

The general goal of this class was to connect with others in new ways and we were provided numerous technological forums to do so. The main way that we reached out and connected with others in the course was through Zoom. Zoom was a brand new tool for me but I could immediately tell that it was like a high functioning version of FaceTime or Skype. I would definitely use Zoom again in the future. It is a great tool for video conferencing, something that FaceTime does not offer and Skype requires you to pay for. There was two main ways that I interacted with my classmates via Zoom, the first was by commenting throughout the lecture and the second was through my group presentation of the tool Seesaw. I especially liked the idea that you can comment during the lecture. Often times during my university career I found that profs got very annoyed with me for chatting during class but in ECMP355 it was almost encouraged that we subsides the learning with our own thoughts in the comment section. I only wish I would have taken a few screenshots of the comments I had made to post here. For more information on Seesaw check out Mackenzie’s awesome post about it here. Since she already made a great post about it I won’t go into much more detail.

I also contributed to others through my twitter account. I reached out to twitter only once for help with my learning project and after not getting any replies I gave up on that. https://twitter.com/AdamOpdahl/status/798280151196790787

I also tried to use my twitter account to bring some humour to my classmates as I believe that laughter is an invaluable tool for learning. https://twitter.com/AdamOpdahl/status/806372064282181633 

Finally my most popular tweet was one that could easily be adapted into an entire teaching style as Abdul pointed out: https://twitter.com/AdamOpdahl/status/799015689256247296 I also went so far as to bring this into my personal life and shared it on my Facebook account with one of my former professors at the university. Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.58.22 PM.png

In the Google Plus community I made one post that got exactly one like (by me) and no replies:screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-39-38-pmI thought that it might be fun to get together and meet some of my class mates but unfortunately they did not feel the same way.

Finally this brings us to blogging, the backbone of this class. I contributed to a few blogs by referencing them in my own posts as well as commenting on them. The blogs that I referenced or commented on are:





I realize that this list should probably be longer but I am not typically one for posting comments and so I neglected this portion throughout the semester. I hope that the other ways I interacted with my classmates makes up for this.

I also contributed to learning outside of this course. Throughout this semester I was a volunteer at Emerald Ridge School in Emerald Park. I helped many students with math, art, reading and writing at least once a week. Additionally Mackenzie and I became friends and we contributed to each others learning over the semester, texting each other reminders and helping each other in our classes.

Learning Project Final

So for those following my blog you will know that I attempted to learn how to skateboard. In retrospect I would have picked something easier to quantify. Skateboarding is really fun but it is quite hard to show what you have learned and when you do learn new things it is often very slow. I only ever learned three tricks; the ollie, the shuv-it and the pop shuv-it. My goal of learning to kickflip was never even close to attainable. I did however learn how to drop into a half pipe which was not something I had intended to pursue in my first blog post. Another reason why I would not pick skateboarding for an assignment like this is because falling down seriously hurts. It was easy to find myself seriously discouraged and if I would have gotten injured I would have been unable to complete the assignment. I was really lucky with the weather, it allowed me to keep trying to learn how to ride the half pipe instead of confining me to flat land tricks in my garage.

The elusive pop shuv-it

I figured that I could not do an entire learning project about learning to skateboard without making an ultra cliche video using the song “Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco. I saved the best for last in that sense. Unfortunately the video quality is fairly low due to the fact that I could not really tell what I was filming with my make shift tripod. I tried to stay close to the camera because I thought that would allow you to see me better but apparently the opposite was true. Luckily I just managed to land the pop shuv-it before my mom pulled into the garage. You can check out the steps I took to learn the pop shuv-it here and read a blog post I wrote about shuv-its here. Enjoy!

Learning Project Update

I didn’t do a fantastic job of keeping my learning project up to date. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t out there skating it’s just that I didn’t post frequently enough. I compiled a little video that shows what I was doing over the first five weeks of my learning project. Check it out: https://youtu.be/R3Q9QPK29J8 img_4237-1One quick note about his photograph; footwear is everything! As you can see I’m wearing runners in this picture, that did not last long they started to get ripped quickly so I switched to skate shoes which were 100 times better.

The Power of The Internet

For this weeks blog post I am reflecting on a clip from a lecture by Michael Wesch. This clip highlights the amazing powers of the Internet and how it has become increasingly easy to share things. I think that with the addition of websites such Reddit and Imgur (amongst others) we can share things even faster. For example this GIF. on Imgur was viewed over 2 million times in a span of only 8 hours. That is simply amazing.

Unfortunately sharing is not always a good thing. It is incredibly important that internet users take great care when posting on the internet. It is outstandingly easy for your identity to be stolen if you accidentally post personal information on the wrong websites. I believe however despite this, technology is a vital part of the world today and should therefore be an important part of our classrooms. This is somewhat in contrast to what I said on my blog post about twitter. However I believe that as educators it is our responsibility to teach our students about digital citizenship and what they should and should not post online. If they do not learn these things in a classroom they may not learn them ever.

Half Pipe 2.0


So I went back to the half pipe in White City a few weeks ago and tried to drop in. Again I was unsuccessful. I think that if it hadn’t snowed and I could try again then I would be able to drop in. I wouldn’t say that I learned anything new from this. When I watched the videos of myself trying to drop in I did discover that the main issue I am facing when dropping into the full size halfpipe was that I was afraid of falling, ironically enough that is exactly what made me fall every single time. I need to learn to commit to the drop in. Without further ado here is the video: https://youtu.be/QH8nIIHmQTY

(Image via: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/skateboarder-dropping-into-bowl-of-skate-high-res-stock-photography/516750445)