The Power of The Internet

For this weeks blog post I am reflecting on a clip from a lecture by Michael Wesch. This clip highlights the amazing powers of the Internet and how it has become increasingly easy to share things. I think that with the addition of websites such Reddit and Imgur (amongst others) we can share things even faster. For example this GIF. on Imgur was viewed over 2 million times in a span of only 8 hours. That is simply amazing.

Unfortunately sharing is not always a good thing. It is incredibly important that internet users take great care when posting on the internet. It is outstandingly easy for your identity to be stolen if you accidentally post personal information on the wrong websites. I believe however despite this, technology is a vital part of the world today and should therefore be an important part of our classrooms. This is somewhat in contrast to what I said on my blog post about twitter. However I believe that as educators it is our responsibility to teach our students about digital citizenship and what they should and should not post online. If they do not learn these things in a classroom they may not learn them ever.


One thought on “The Power of The Internet

  1. This is really incredible but it also brings to mind the story of Ghyslain Raza, or the “Star Wars Kid’ who was mentioned in the video. While the Numa Numa guy may have been venerated, Raza was subjected to severe bullying from his video. It just kind goes to show that the virality of videos today is kind of a double-edged sword.

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