Learning Project Final

So for those following my blog you will know that I attempted to learn how to skateboard. In retrospect I would have picked something easier to quantify. Skateboarding is really fun but it is quite hard to show what you have learned and when you do learn new things it is often very slow. I only ever learned three tricks; the ollie, the shuv-it and the pop shuv-it. My goal of learning to kickflip was never even close to attainable. I did however learn how to drop into a half pipe which was not something I had intended to pursue in my first blog post. Another reason why I would not pick skateboarding for an assignment like this is because falling down seriously hurts. It was easy to find myself seriously discouraged and if I would have gotten injured I would have been unable to complete the assignment. I was really lucky with the weather, it allowed me to keep trying to learn how to ride the half pipe instead of confining me to flat land tricks in my garage.


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