Skating Inside

So the weather hasn’t been amazing lately and I remember hearing from a friend that skates that practising on carpet or grass is a good way to learn so I thought this was a perfect chance to bring my skateboard into the basement. I also found a video on how to practice a shuv-it indoors. Unfortunately the girl in the video removed her wheels but I did not have the tools to do this. Now after I practiced my ollie and shuv-it inside I would not recommend it. A few reasons why are: I hit my head on the roof several times while ollie-ing and a couple times when I fell doing a Shuv-it my board got away from me and crashed into the walls which my mom certainly did not appreciate. The one positive thing I can say about practising on carpet is that when you do fall it hurts a lot less than concreat which makes it easier to try new tricks


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