The Smart Board

So this week I had my choice of blogging something that had to do with technology in the classroom. I also started volunteering at Emerald Park School. One of the first things that I noticed when I got a tour of the school was that they had A LOT of SMART boards. The SMART board is a piece of technology that I have a little bit of experience with, the classroom I was in for preinternship had one. I think that when used correctly the SMART board is an amazing tool. When used incorrectly however, the SMART board is nothing more than a very expensive glorified data projector. One thing I particularly like about SMART boards is that there is a multitude of ways for students to get involved in the lesson. They can come up to the board and physically interact with what they are learning. Also something that a lot of people do not know about is that the Pearson texts books (the texts we use in the Regina Public school board) created an etext that is incredibly compatible with a SMART board. During my internship I used the etexts on a regular data projector with some degree of success but it made it difficult for students to interact with. One helpful thing that all of my fellow classmates should know is that you can download the SMART board software for your computer from the U of R.


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2 thoughts on “The Smart Board

  1. I remember sitting in class thinking about how much those silly boards take up writing space for teachers because most teachers never wrote notes on the smart board but the actually white board! Interesting take!

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