Learning Project!

For my learning project I decided that I would like to learn how to do a kickflip on a skateboard. I chose to do this because it is something that I am interested in. I snowboard and wakeboard so I decided I should learn to skate. I already have a skateboard so I do not have to spend any money on this project which is always an added bonus. I know how to ride a skateboard and I use to know how to do an ollie but now I only seem to use it for walking my dog.

While my goal is to learn how to do a kickflip there is a lot of progression that needs to happen before I get to that trick. The Internet can’t seem to agree on the best way to go about learning the kickflip. So I took the list in the previous link and sent it to a friend who gave me some advice: learn to ollie then shuv-it. Then if I want I can learn to 180 both frontside and backside before trying a kickflip.

So for the first week I will be conquering the ollie. I have a video of myself landing a few ollies but I can’t figure out how to splice the videos together in iMovie so I will update this post when I have the video ready to go.


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