Cyber Sleuthing

For this blog post I decided to cyber sleuth Mackenzie Partridge. I was able to find a lot of information out about her. One thing that made this fairly difficult is that Mackenzie Partridge is a fairly common name so lots of things came up and it was difficult to discern if they were related to her. The first three things that came up after a google search were her instagram and wordpress pages as well as a vine account that seemed dedicated to One Tree Hill although I don’t think that she is the owner of the latter. Her instagram has been made private since the first time I looked up her name about a week ago although I did not see anything that would be deemed inappropriate. With a little more digging I was also able to find her Facebook page. She is one of three Mackenzie Partridge’s on Facebook so if I did not know who she was/what she looked like I would have a hard time figuring out which account was hers. Next I found two youtube channels owned by Mackenzie Partridge’s but it was impossible to tell if either belonged to her. Eventually I also found her twitter account. This is clearly a space that she has tried to curate so that future employers will find it and determine that she is a desirable employee. Mackenzie definitely has some internet presents but I don’t think she is an over sharer.


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