Inquiry Learning

Personally I love the idea of student led inquiry. What I don’t love is planning for it. Inquiry is considerably more difficult to plan for than your standard lesson. Adding in the element of a group makes it even harder to create a unit plan that scaffolds from one lesson to the next (although I am glad this was a group unit because it meant considerably less planning). It was very clutch that I was in a group with Eylish because we are very like minded and we also both have experience in a classroom this allowed us to lead our group to a successful unit. I think that our unit did a good job of meeting all of the criteria required for this assignment, however I do not think that it has real world teachability. This is primarily because we have five lessons that would all take more than one class period to complete focused on only one outcome. In a real classroom you are simply not budgeted enough science time to focus on only one outcome for such a long period. What I do like about the unit is that all of the lessons are teachable as a standalone lesson that a new more practical unit can be built around. If I was entering a grade four classroom tomorrow and had to teach a science lesson I would certainly reach into my back pocket and use the lesson that I contributed to our group unit.

A few words about my visual – in an attempt to switch up my medium from colouring with pencil crayons I went out and found some leafs on the ground then taped them to a piece of paper. I then spray painted the paper gold and removed the leafs. In my head the idea sounded awesome but it ended up looking pretty bad. I’m proud of myself for trying though… That has to count for something right?





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