Learning Through Action

This action learning project appeared to be an enormous undertaking on it’s surface. I imagine many groups of people would have found the action learning to be frustrating and unpleasant. I think because I had such good group members that this assignment was actually fairly easy for me. Working with Reagan and Reed was very enjoyable. I would go so far as to say that having group members I got a long with and felt comfortable working with was more important than having a shared topic of interest. Working with these two people I am confident we would have been able to find common ground and create a meaningful action even if we did not have an obvious entry point.

I learned a lot about myself during this assignment. The biggest thing that I learned was that I did not need my phone — or any other electronics — to get through the day. Before this assignment I could not imagine going an entire hour without using some sort of electronics. I also learned something about the environment. For example I had no idea that a fairly decent portion of Saskatchewan’s power comes from hydro dams.

All in all this was a very positive and enjoyable assignment that I got to complete with awesome people.IMG_3906


2 thoughts on “Learning Through Action

  1. Adam, thanks for this nice reflection. Yet, I wonder how you might connect your personal experiences with the process of inquiry-learning to planning for such. Also, can you notice particular EE discourses that are taken up by AL process (you might use the MJ Barret, Feminist Poststructuralism reading to help)? Looking forward to seeing a visual representation and your 6th post.

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