If You Need Me…

This is a picture of a dirty creek. Every spring the dry creek bed that snakes through the Katepwa seasonal campground is flooded with water from the melted snow. The creek runs next to a golf course and from the time I was 10 until the I was 18 I spent many summer days scouring the creek bed for golf balls, snakes, and good walking sticks. For the two – four weeks that the creek is filled with water I would try to ride down the slow moving creek in a dingy or on a knee board. These stunts only become more extreme and less successful as I get older.

About ten feet to the right of this picture is where my campsite is. This campsite belonged to my grandparents for many years before they passed it on to my parents. In many ways I grew up in this campground. I learned how to BBQ, I learned how to ride a bike and drive a car. Most importantly I fell in love with the outdoors. This campground has become a sanctuary for not only me but my friends as well. It is a place where everyone is welcome and there will always be a hot dog on the grill with your name on it.

Don’t bother calling because I won’t answer anyways. Just come on down to the sunny cove.


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