Giving Back to Neature

When I started drawing this I tried several times to draw people a peace pipe together, I quickly realized that was outside of my artistic ability. Instead I sketched a picture of a fire with an image. To me the fire represents life. Fire gives life and takes life away. For many ecosystems fire is crucial to replenish the soil and give new life to the environment. I think that this fire can also represent a way to ask permission for being on the land. When you smoke a peace pipe you require fire and many First Nations rituals required fire. In many ways the fire is a metaphor for the destruction of the environment caused by humans, but it can also be a symbol for how we can save the environment if we take the right steps.


2 thoughts on “Giving Back to Neature

  1. I really like your interpretation of what fire symbolizes in life. Are there any other possible ways to honour the land in your opinion? Was there any other environmental education experiences that influence your opinion? Great post!

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