Eco literacy braid

A common theme in all of the love letters, poems, songs, etc. was education. This is probably the case because we are aspiring teachers. The three letters/poems that I chose to braid were Eilysh, Kayla and my own. We all talk about education as being an important part of creating and sustaining eco literacy. In Kayla‘s acrostic poem, one of the points she makes is: “Teaching your friends and family about the environment, your environmental ways and sustainability is an increasing interest to you”. This speaks to me because it was closely related to one of the traits I throughly admire about my girlfriend in that she is constantly seeking out education about the environment. Kayla and Eilysh both talk about loving the environment and spreading that love. I think this is something that is implied in my love letter because I don’t think that anybody would try so hard to make the environment a better place if they didn’t love it. Eilysh really exemplifies this love when she tells her sister that her “love for the environment is contagious”.

One my favourite things about how my letter relates to Eilysh’s poem is that we both mention that it is unrealistic for one person to think they can change the world. In my letter I say that Sydney’s “life goal to end pollution and save the world may be a little far fetched but is enviable never the less.” Meanwhile Eilysh calls her sister Chloe naive for thinking she can change the world.

I think that all of these people that we envy are prime examples of people that have been prepared to be valuable members of a sustainable society. (Capra, 2007, pg 9) That is probably the biggest thing that relates them all and makes us take notice of their eco literacy.


Capra, F. (2007). Sustainable Living, Ecological Literacy, and the Breath of Life. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 12(1), 9-18.


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