What does the environment mean to me?

This is the first thing I created. I gathered the inspiration from my most recent trip to the Mountains. I wanted to talk about the balance that we need to have in nature. Lots of people think that nature is an incredibly peaceful place, and it is, but it is often destructive and violent as well. To me the environment is everything that exists in the natural world. IMG_3670


2 thoughts on “What does the environment mean to me?

  1. I really like how you used an image that really resonated with you from the experiences that you had in the environment and you were able to build off of that and elaborate on what the environment means to you. One thing that you could maybe consider for next time would be to elaborate more on what you mean when you say the environment needs balance and how it is a destructive place, this could lead to some great conversation!

    Good work!


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