Standardized Tests

Standardized testing is one of the easiest ways to test a massive population of students. Despite the ease of standardize testing they are an ineffective method for testing a student body. Standardized test only target one type of learner and are tailored for the middle class. If a student is not good at memorizing information and then transferring it onto a test they will not score well on a standardized test. Standardized tests make students feel as if they are not unique. While standardized tests are an easy way to hold teachers accountable for their teaching, they systematically destroy a child’s creativity.


Reconsidering my Autobiography

I am a white male. When I was writing my autobiography I did not consider adding this information. Reflecting on my autobiography I have come to realize that by not mentioning these aspects of my life I was enjoying white privilege. I am part of a very privileged majority that often forgets just how privileged they are. I think that it was obvious that I am a male because my first name is Adam and I included a picture of myself. The fact that I am white however, is very relevant to who I am today and perhaps not as obvious as the fact that I am a male. In my autobiography I briefly mentioned volunteering at North Albert Community School, thinking back on this, it was probably the first time I became aware of my whiteness. The first day I walked into the classroom and there was two white people; the teacher and myself. My whiteness has played a huge part in wanting to become a teacher because it was at North Albert Community School that I realized what career path I wanted to take.