Teacher as Researcher

Kumashiro describes three different types of teachers: teacher as professional, teacher as researcher, and teacher as learned practitioner. I believe that teacher as researcher best describes me. I believe that teachers never stop learning and that it is our responsibility to learn something new each and every day. The students we teach are constantly changing and growing and a teacher who does not grow alongside their students is ineffective. I also believe that reflection is an important part of becoming a teacher. After teaching a lesson  an educator must take the time to consider what worked in the lesson, what didn`t work and how they can improve it.


History of Education

In the chapter we read from A History of Education race is defined as a group of people originating from a specific country. Teachers often come into schools with prejudices about different races. Although most teachers do not actively discriminate against their students many of these biases will subconsciously come out and affect their teaching. Western society has ingrained stereotypes into all of us. Most people believe that they are not racist and that they treat everyone equally, however because of the effect media has on our culture it is nearly impossible to not hold some degree of stereotype and prejudice. To be effective teachers we must acknowledge that stereotypes exist and consciously prevent these stereotypes from influencing our behaviour and decision making ability.

Common Sense?

According to Kumashiro common sense is the facets of life that everyone takes for granted (pg. XXIX). As a future teacher I must be aware that people coming from different backgrounds will not always have the same luxuries as me. I cannot simply assume that because we are in Canada everyone has had the same experiences that I have had. Canada is a place bubbling with multiculturalism and it is important that we are sensitive to other peoples backgrounds.